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Behind the Shot #11

Igz Kincaid of HesslerIgz Kincaid of Hessler

Igz Kincaid of Hessler.. July 2012 >> I was shooting a two-day music festival that featured several relatively unknown area bands, as well as a few well-known headlining national acts. About halfway through day one, a band appeared in the 90+ degree weather decked-out in full-on 80's hard rock regalia complete with humidity-defying hair, leathers, and enough eye-liner to give the best of their shock-rock brethren a run for their money. Despite dealing with blown-up and burning amps, Hessler didn't miss a beat delivering their brand of infectious and anthemic metal. Guitarist and founder, Igz Kincaid was a non-stop blur of head-banging and stage theatrics who wasn't shy about offering up photo-ops if you were paying attention. Armed with my 70-200mm lens, I grabbed a moment of cool eye-contact that Igz liked so much, he asked me for a large print which now hangs in his house. Igz later told me he rarely puts up pics of himself (this coming from a guy and a very photogenic band that is shot A LOT). I'll take that...


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