“21 Days of Distinction” Book

"21 Days of Distinction" by Tom Leu

Images, Insights, & Inspiration by Tom Leu

Exploring themes within communications and psychology, 21 Days of Distinction encourages you to “see things” literally through lenses, and figuratively despite filters, through compelling images and insights, designed to challenge and inspire.

  • This collection of images and short vignettes promotes the power of critical thinking.
  • The purpose is to inspire and challenge, and perhaps to initiate change… positive change. 
  • The photos used for this book were chosen from my published portfolios because I felt they best complimented and expressed the messages I’m trying to convey within the associated writings.

For this book, sometimes I already had written the words, and then set out to attach an image alread in my portfolio that best represented my thoughts. Other times, I set out to find and shoot a new image, and then wrote about how it made me feel… afterwards.

  • Sometimes it’s necessary to look… just underneath the obvious; past our first impressions and inclinations, and toward an alternate perception to achieve an alternative perspective.
  • This is about “seeing things” despite the many filters we carry into the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. 
  • To really see things figuratively speaking, means to be very aware of our filters.

Filters are your learned and lived values, beliefs, attitudes and experiences that shape how you view, and then respond to the world around you each and every day, in every way. Sometimes, it’s necessary to shift your behavior to best suit your surroundings.

  • True “distinctions” do away with the one-size-fits-all diatribe.
  • Goal = Learn. Flex. Grow.

It’s amazing what you see when you decide to stay tuned-in

I hope you “see” …

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