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Because I've met some cool people over the years. And because pictures not of you might be of me & some of my friends...
Mick Mars of Motley Crue 1984Bret Michaels of Poison 1988Dana Strum & Mark Slaughter of Slaughter 1998Suite Oblivion 2000Switchfoot 2003Samm Brown & Pamela Phillips-Oland 2003Susan Masino 2003Michael Tait & Michael Corin 2003Gabriel Wilson 2003Anavox 2003Bobby Borg 2003Derek Sivers 2003Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick 2004Felipe Esparza of Last Comic Standing 2011Michael Shermer 2011Ringo Nelson of RIPT 2011Chad Cherry of The Last Vegas 2012John Parks & Andrew Carlson 2012Ringo Nelson of RIPT 2012Rudy Sarzo 2012

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