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  • "Annie Leibovitz was the last photographer where I saw his kind of magic. Tom Leu is God's photographer." - Donnie Vie (Enuff Z'Nuff)

  • "Tom Leu is Lord of the Lens! INSANE PICS! He is awesome." - Valierie King, Editor in Chief, RockRevolt Magazine 


  • "Tom, you really have an eye on what to capture with your camera. That's a true gift that you have with your photography." - Lorrie Adams


  • "Just took a moment to visit your website . . . AMAZING! I am not a professional photographer myself, but my father is, so I do know a little about photography and your work is absolutely stunning." - Joanna Skelcy


  • "Tom, LOVE, LOVE your site! I am intrigued by your "21 Days of Distinction" - Thank you for the inspiration!" - Audrey Pilcher


  • "In a word: E X P L O S I V E... what talent you have..." - Dr. Joan Kole


  • “You’re such an amazing photographer. I am thankful to have one of your masterpieces!!!” - Christi Letsinger


  • “These are, technically, HOT SHIT! Truly great work." - Michael Davis 


Michael WiltonMichael Wilton


"That photographer is a master genius." - Laura Perez


Def LeppardDef Leppard


"I've seen about 1,000 photos of the Def Leppard tour so far, and this one blew me away... captures everything that is great about a Leppard show. Great shot Tom Leu." - RockBrigadeForum via Instagram



Can't Touch ThisCan't Touch This

"Tom, your photogaphy and photo editing is amazing; thank you for posting! Your photos are killer!" - Mike Blaisdell


"Tom, those pictures are F****** INCREDIBLE!!!" - Jimmy Johnson




"I can't say if I was standing right where you are if I would have had the eye to see this shot. I am glad you see something when others think there is nothing to see and you capture and share it. I will without a doubt be trying to open my eyes to more than what my eyes can see. I love Tom Leu's work. Amazing photographer." - Mike McQuerter

"Love the depth, also contrast of the two sides and the rich color. And the angles, always the angles." - Mona Marie




"You're very talented Tom! I always look for your pics. Thanks bro!" - Ringo Nelson

"You are amazing!!!!! Wow. Epic."Gregg DeCarlo

"Incredible image Tom. What vision you possess!"CiJay Pikula

"That would make a great poster!" - Mike Gates




"Just amazing bro." - Jeffrey Bailey

"Your pictures are incredible. Amazing… You're an artist. Never had pics grab my attention like yours do." - Joey Hudnall

"A mysteriously beautiful shot that draws me in. Very nicely done. It looks like a promo poster for a movie I would LOVE to see…" - Roland Michelli


Eric Turner of WarrantEric Turner of Warrant


"This is off the charts Thomas. You have outdone yourself!"Bill Cook

"Magnificent shot!" - Travis Cazel

"Whoa! Awesome shot!!" - Trisha Wilks Peters



Beat but BeautifulBeat but Beautiful


"When [my husband] got home from NYC, he got to open his Father's Day Gift to find this photo and another waiting for him! We'll be getting them framed in the coming weeks for his office." - Kaylyn Butler Conover

"Bad ass!!" - Phil Ryan

"Love this photo!" - Jimmy Fuson


John CorabiJohn Corabi


"Sometimes I wonder just how many awesome shots you have tucked away that you haven't shared yet. Great shot as usual. That photo should be gracing the front or back of a CD." - Mike McQuerter

"Concert photography is an incredible art form that not many can do. Love your pics man, keep rockin' it! \m/" - Rebecca Eldred



Live Music PerformanceLive Music Performance



"Tom, you are truly amazing!!!!"Gregg DeCarlo

"What a beautiful picture!" - Kerry Saunders Jerrett






"DAYUM!! Far and away THE BEST photo I've seen come out of Whiskeys Roadhouse yet!!
Brilliant Tom!"
- CiJay Pikula

"My favorite shot of the band. This should be an album cover." - Mara Zahnle



Jodi Kell of Losing ScarletJodi Kell of Losing Scarlet


"Another great shot. So much talent. Tom you Rock man!" - Mick Jacobson

"Um, hot, hot, hot!! Amazing pic." - Yvette Bonny

"Awesome pic! Can I get a poster size?" - Tina DeBartolo Kell



1950 Mercury1950 Mercury



"I love your auto photos Tom! Actually, all your photos!" - Thomas Woroniak



Chicago 2011Chicago 2011




"That is a big WOW!!! Stunning." - Michele Landon



Ford FalconFord Falcon



"Oh my Tom!! This is.... Wow can't even pick a word to describe this! I love everything about this!"CiJay Pikula




Brad Elvis of The HandcuffsBrad Elvis of The Handcuffs


"Wow, that is one amazing photo." - Chris Geisler

"I want a poster of that!" - Brian Melody

"Brilliant picture!" - Kay Almlie




Bir Sur BayBir Sur Bay


"No way I would have got this shot like you have, but I would have turned around to take it like you did. Way too beautiful… you have a great eye!!" - Wendy Sutton

"So beautiful and haunting all at the same time! Incredible work Tom!"CiJay Pikula



Mitch & MikaylaMitch & Mikayla

"That pic is adorable, Tom. You definitely have a gift for 'seeing things'." - Sara Helmick Godvik

"What an amazing picture, Tom. That right there tells me that you're doing what you were meant to do." - Patrick Phillips

"Tom..my friend... with your lens YOU captured the moment PERFECTLY and the reaction from everyone brings to light that your photos ARE art... The intent is to capture something beautiful and timeless. You have succeeded, and for that..I thank you." - Mitch Brechon


Tesla-Frank HannonTesla-Frank Hannon


"Man this is killer! This photograph makes my heart pump and spine tingle." - Gregory Michael Stahl

"This is stellar Tommy!" - Bill Cook

"We have an interview coming up with Frank..., let us know if we could credit you for this." - John Parks, Legendary Rock Interviews





"This is phenomenal. I've been captivated by this image since I first saw it. It begs the question "How'd he do that?", but the question is rhetorical. I don't really want the answer. Like a magician who tells how the trick is done, the magic is gone."CiJay Pikula




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