16IMAGING★Photography & Moving Pictures by Tom Leu | Behind the Shot #23

Behind the Shot #23

HatsHats  Las Vegas, NV... June 2014 >> The night after a speaking engagement at a conference, I was doing the "tourist thing" walking around Las Vegas Blvd. taking it all in. Now I've been to Vegas multiple times over the years, but like other great cities, I knew there's always something to see beyond the obvious when you're really looking. This seemingly ordinary hat store became extraordinary to me when viewed as a whole scene, from just inside the door. I knew a regular focal length wouldn't cut it. So to do what I was seeing the proper justice, I quickly threw on the wide-angle lens to grab this "hat trick." I like how the store clerk is also wearing a hat, presumably from this exact store, but I won't ever know because I left right after clicking the shutter... Total time spent there: >30 seconds.


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