16IMAGING★Photography & Moving Pictures by Tom Leu | Behind the Shot #7

Behind the Shot #7


This is your brain on rock and roll... July 2011 >> As a long-time musician myself, I really enjoy shooting live concerts (big and small) of artists and groups I dig. For me, one of the biggest challenges of concert photography (and there are many), is getting unique shots from unique perspectives. This is often very hard to do with limited amounts of time and space, especially when shooting the bigger, national acts. The guys in RIPT from my hometown of Rockford, IL reunited for a benefit show in 2012, and I was able to roam. I've been a fan of these guys since the 80's, and not only are they a great band, but they're a great bunch of guys as well personally. This shot is one of my favorites of them because of the energy and enthusiasm I see and feel from both audience AND band. It's real, trust me... 


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