Photography Coaching with Tom Leu

>> The psychology behind photography is what makes photography great... strategizing the science and analyzing the art of photography for you to create your best images is what my coaching is all about! No more, no less.

I Hope You SeeI Hope You See...

Sometimes, talking one-on-one with someone who's been there, done that, can be invaluable to accelerating your own progress.

>> Answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a strong interest in/passion for photography (strong meaning you're willing to invest in yourself to get better)?
  • Do you desire to take the best photos you can, for your purposes?
  • Do you want to learn how to hone the skills necessary to produce the kinds of images you see others producing?
  • Do you want to spend less time obsessing about gear and techniques, and more time shooting compelling images?
  • Do you desire to have your photos really pop and stand out from your post-processing approaches?

>> Take 5 minutes and peruse this site,

If after viewing my work here, you feel you could learn a few things from me to help you improve your photography, EMAIL me, and let's chat about your specific goals and desires for your photography.

We will then schedule a one hour session to discuss exactly what you need to know to improve your photos.

My rates? $75.00 per one hour in-person or Skype session. No contracts, no hassle. You decide how much coaching you feel you need/want. I’ve found that the majority of people interested are not necessarily looking for a long-term coaching relationship. 

>> Who am I? Why am I qualified to coach you? About Tom...

Here’s how it works:

>> if you think you’d benefit from working with me, then let’s set an appointment for a one hour phone call or Skype session at $75.00 per hour. That’s it. If you’d like to speak again, you contact me and we just repeat the process whenever you’re ready. No long-term coaching programs or contracts. Just time for you and I to talk when you need me. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Contact me via email to schedule a session.
  2. I’ll email you an invoice for $75.00 to pay via PayPal.
  3. You pay the invoice, then we get down to it.

It's that simple.

EMAIL me to schedule a session.


- Tom